Skip Bin Hire Perth

With Just Skips skip bin hire, rubbish removal is a lot easier, & affordable!

Whether you’re working on a DIY home renovation job, work in construction and landscaping or merely like to spring clean, your home can quickly become a mess. Worksites can quickly become cluttered with rubbish, debris, unwanted elements etc and without proper removal, this can be hazardous, annoying and simply make your job harder. At Just Skips, our skip hire service offers a more efficient way to remove waste materials and maintain a clean site. We utilise open top container, specially designed for waste storage and has a range of applications for:

  • Home renovation projects
  • Residential Projects
  • Commercial renovations
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Industrial Environments
  • Construction sites
  • Debris removal

If you’re looking for skip bin hire in Perth, let just skips wa handle all your needs.
Why Hire Just Skips WA?

They provide different skip bin sizes to accommodate various project requirements. If you require small, medium or large bins, they can offer it all! Customers consider just skips wa as their one-stop skip bin shop!

Why buy a bin if you can hire a team of professionals who can handle all your issues with skip bins, rubbish, asbestos, & debris? Using a skip is a more cost-effective approach as compared to buying a container outright, especially for temporary, short-term projects.

Think about of your safety and welfare. Once you have finished with your skip bin and have filled it with waste, the containers are then loaded on a particular lorry, delivered to the dump site and safely removed. There are things that only professionals can handle, so when it comes to removing debris, asbestos, rubbish and all sorts of annoying elements around your worksites, let just skips wa deal with them.

Skip Hire Services to North & South Perth

We understand how vital cleanliness and safety are for our customers, and for the entire society, with that, we strive harder to professional rubbish removal and skip hire to Perth’s northern and southern suburbs. We are committed to delivering reliable services for all waste removal needs as well as offering these at some of the best skip bin hire prices in WA. We can also deliver your skip bin to you straight away, so if you are looking to hire a skip then contact Just Skips WA.

If you are still in doubt on who to contact to take care of your next projects’ rubbish, debris and asbestos, please reach out to us and we will do our best to give you a competitive cost that fits your budget. Contact us today to request a quote.

What is the right Skip Bin Hire Size for you?

Choosing the right bin size depends on the amount of wastage that will be generated. Just Skips offer mini skip bins from as small as 2m³ and larger bins as big as 10m³. The following are our skip sizes available for hire:

  • 2m³
  • 3m³
  • 4m³
  • 6m³
  • 10m³

If you are looking to hire a skip bin, we recommend using smaller sized bins for smaller projects such as minor home renovations or landscaping maintenance. Our larger sized skip bins are more suitable for commercial or industrial worksites that need to remove large quantities of waste. If you’re unsure about which size will suit your needs, contact us for advice! We’re happy to help!

Our 2m³ and 3m³ skip bins are available for hire periods up to 3 days and up to 5 days for the larger sizes. If you need to hire a skip for longer periods, call us, and we can make the necessary arrangements.

Our rubbish bins are made to hold general waste materials except for those that include asbestos, chemicals, food and tyres. If you need to dispose of asbestos, or other hazardous waste, we can assist with one of our specially designed bins for an additional charge. Directly contact our experienced team, and we will handle the rest.

Why Choose Just Skips WA?

  • Family Owned & 100% Australian Operated
    Our Western Australian, family-owned company have been supplying skip bins in Perth WA for years, so when you rent a skip from us, you know that not only are you helping out a local business, but you’re hiring from a trustworthy and reliable company.
  • Wide Selection of Skip Bins to Choose from
    We offer a wide selection of skip bins and service all major suburbs in Perth metropolitan area. Whether you’re looking for skip hire your construction site, or simply need one of our heavy duty skip bins for a residential job, our skip bins can be delivered to you.
  • Environmentally Friendly – We Help Combat the Global Warming!
    We care about our customers, we care about the society, and with that, we always see to it that your waste is disposed of correctly by Australian Standards, with as much of the waste being recycled as possible.
  • Cost Effective Solutions
    We offer a practical and cost-effective solution to remove waste from a worksite or residential property. Our prices vary depending on what size skip bin you’re after. Depending on whether you require one of our mini skips or one of our larger skip bins, your quote will vary.
  • Clean as we go
    Here at Just Skips, we make keeping a clean worksite comfortable & secure with our efficient waste removal services.
  • Fast FREE Quotes – Guaranteed
    We guarantee a fast, free quote to all our customers. Your quote will also vary depending on how many days you wish to hire a skip bin.
  • Affordable Prices Without Compromise
    Our skip hire prices will be higher if you wish to hire a bin for a large number of days, but overall we pride ourselves on providing skip bins of all sizes at affordable prices. Just Skips offer skip bin hire at prices you cannot resist.
  • Customer Services at its best!
    Coupled with our professional services and reliable staff, you will be sure to find a skip that is perfect for your job – no matter how small or big it is! Call us today on 08 9295 6677 for more details or simply fill out our online form to request a quote. We will respond to your enquiry shortly.

Visit our Bin Size Guide Page for more info about our bin sizes.

We love educating & providing essential information to our customers. With that, we’ve prepared the list of some of the most frequently asked questions. Visit this page for more info.

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Call us today on 08 9295 6677 for more details or simply fill out our online form to request a quote. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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