Skip Bin Size Guide

Bin Sizes Available

Maintaining a clean worksite is an important task for any project regardless of the size. A clean area means improved efficiency and safer conditions. Choose the right skip bin size that fits your project.

We have the following skip binsizes available for residential and commercial sites in Perth:

  • 2m³: This smaller skip is suitable for small cleanups such as minor home renovations or yard work. The capacity is equivalent to two standard box trailers.
  • 3m³: This skip bin size is capable of holding approximately three trailer loads and is ideal for general waste from worksites.
  • 4m³: Capable of holding four trailer loads, this skip bin size is better suited for larger types of cleanups such as for commercial projects.
  • 6m³: Need to remove more rubbish? Then we recommend getting a larger size. This one is able to hold approximately six trailer loads.
  • 10m³: This is the largest skip bin size we have available and is ideal for larger scale cleanups on commercial or industrial sites.

Our 2m³ and 3m³ skip bins can be hired for up to 3 days while the other sizes are available for up to 5 days. Extended periods can also be requested ahead of time. Once the skip bins are picked up, we haul them to a waste site.

Unsure what size you require? Contact us today to chat about the right skip bin size for your needs in Perth.

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Bin Sizes Wheelie Bins 6x4 Box Trailers


4.5m long
1.7m wide
1.5m high

wheelie-bins x 40 6x4-Box-Trailers x 10


3.2m long
1.4m wide
1.5m high

wheelie-bins x 24 6x4-Box-Trailers x 6


2.8m long
1.4 wide
1 high

wheelie-bins x 16 6x4-Box-Trailers x 4


2.4m long
1.4m wide
1m high

wheelie-bins x 12 6x4-Box-Trailers x 3


1.8m long
1.4m wide
1m high

wheelie-bins x 8 6x4-Box-Trailers x 2