Waste Bin Hire

There’s no doubt that with a growing city and increasing population, Perth is producing loads upon loads of waste and rubbish. Industrial and commercial projects give rise to some amazing structures, landscapes and beautifully designed buildings, however, keeping these sites clean and free of debris, rubble and other waste can be difficult.

Some construction, landscape and trades jobs require a larger holding capacity for waste. General council provided bins do not adequately have enough space to comfortably keep your waste away from your site and out of harms reach. Simply moving waste to a small section removed from your project can act as an adequate short-term solution, but eventually this will need to be removed, usually put in a ute and taken to the tip.

At Just Skips, we provide a range of waste bins in Perth suitable for both small and larger scale jobs. Our goal is to help you keep your worksite clean and hazard-free and our waste bin hire in Perth help with this.

Waste type guide – what you can and can’t put in your skip bin 

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to skip bins and waste removal, there are restrictions as to what can be thrown in your bin. These rules are in place to ensure the safety of both you and our experienced Just Skips staff and they help in reducing our environmental impact.

Here is a list of the different types of waste:

  • General waste: this includes household waste (general products, appliances, furniture, and garden waste), office waste and light construction waste (wood, gyprock and metal).
  • Green waste: this is garden waste that may comprise of branches, leaves, grass and clippings.
  • Heavy waste: including concrete, bricks, soil, rock, tiles, pavers and other waste.

Our waste bin hire in Perth

According to our Just Skips regulations and those set out by the City of Perth and the Waste Authority WA, our waste bins can take all general waste materials except for food products and those that may be poisonous or need special handling. If you require the removal of asbestos, chemicals, food and tyres, please contact us today and we can arrange to have this removed for you.

Choose a safer, easier and more convenient alternative for your rubbish removal.  For all your commercial and residential waste bin hire in Perth, choose a skip bin from Just Skips. Call us today on 08 9295 6677 or fill out an enquiry form here.